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Sona Avagyan is American Armenian composer, piano player, yoga as well as herbal treatment and alternative treatment researcher, one the the best singers and songwriters of Armenia. Possessing unique talent, she has captured the hearts of many. Sona was born in Yerevan. According to her parents, Sona began to sing as soon as she began to speak. She started composing music when she got her favorite piano, and later learned to accompany herself by guitar.

Sona's talents have long been acknowledged by the many awards she has received. In 1987 and 1994 she was recognized as Best Songwriter in the competition of Songwriters of Armenia. In 1995, at The Festival of Pop Music, she was bestowed the honor of one of the best songwriters and singers of Armenia.

From 1988-1996 Sona participated in more than 100 concerts all over Armenia and 10 charity concerts in Karabagh, delighting her audiences with her unique songs and singing style. Her songs were on the Top Ten of the Armenian Pop Songs, represented by the popular radio stations of Armenia.

In 1996, because of some disappointment, she left the stage and did not return to singing until 1998 when she started to work on her first album. According to Sona, she realized that the music is something very important in her, and she found new forces to start everything from the beginning.

In 2000, in Armenia and the USA, her first album, "Katil", was produced, which included her best songs of the previous two years. Many talented Armenian musicians participated in this project. The arrangement was made by Ara Gevorgyan. The album was tracked and mixed at the studio, Asparez. Mastering was done by Atlantis Records.

In May 2000, two songs from the "Katil" album, "Katil" and "Tatevik", were awarded both the Hovnanyan's Fund prize and the Composers and Musicologists Union of Armenia's prize.

On November 17, 2000 Sona won the "Anush" prize for Best Newcomer at the 3rd Annual Armenian Music Awards.

In 2000, Sona began work on her second album, "Sweet Armenian Water". The song, "Anoush Jourea Hayots" ("Sweet Armenian Water") was awarded with one of the grand prizes, as well as with the special prize of Yervan Chamber Theatre at the Sayat Nova Festival 2001.

In 2002, Sona's second album "Sweet Armenian Water" has been released by Mighty Ark Records in Melbourne, Florida, USA!!! Specific style of composition, perfect harmony of beautiful melodies, enhanced with the elements of Armenian ethnic music, modern arrangement, with the accompaniments of Armenian national instruments, interesting lyrics, and the beautiful voice of Sona make the album a real gift for those who want to hear something new and fresh in the variety of Armenian songs, as well as for those interested in world music as a whole.

In 2004 Sona had very successful concerts in USA. Also she finished working on her third album "Reflection".

Sona's new album "Reflection" is now available worldwide!

All music, lyrics and arrangement by Sona Avagyan On recordings of the album participated famous Armenian musicians. In the album included Sona's new Armenian dance and lyrical songs. You will hear zurna dhole, duduk, shvi and other Armenian national instruments in the arrangements of the songs that will make you dance and soft sounds of acoustic guitar in the lyrical songs making you to think of love. Original music, meaningful lyrics and specific style are making this album very interesting. The album contains one song in English (English version of one of the songs)

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