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You may contact Sona Avagyan by sending email to her email address:

Contacting Sales outside of Armenia

Regarding sales outside of Armenia please contact Sona Avagyan.

Sona's new album "Reflection" is now available worldwide!

All music, lyrics and arrangement by Sona Avagyan On recordings of the album participated famous Armenian musicians. In the album included Sona's new Armenian dance and lyrical songs. You will hear zurna dhole, duduk, shvi and other Armenian national instruments in the arrangements of the songs that will make you dance and soft sounds of acoustic guitar in the lyrical songs making you to think of love. Original music, meaningful lyrics and specific style are making this album very interesting. The album contains one song in English (English version of one of the songs)

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Sona Avagyan: Sevachya Ereko (2098 Kb, MP3) Sona Avagyan: Adamandi Nman (1000 Kb, MP3) Sona Avagyan: Sere Im Jinj (2227 Kb, MP3) Sona Avagyan: Astghik (1765 Kb, MP3)
Sona Avagyan: Siro Karandzav (2290 Kb, MP3)